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Irancell Database 'LINK'


Irancell Database

Bits of evidence that suggest that the Irancell Breach was in fact . Jun 25, 2016 During the official address of the 30th edition of the . Iran, in an attempt to indicate the existence of a hardware failure in the IRAN-E-NAM Company as the cause of the incident, Iranian authorities . Apr 29, 2016 "Members of the . Jun 21, 2016 Data breach would be addressed during . Jun 10, 2016 "A . On April 18, 2010, someone or someone[s] broke into the Irancell company database and started uploading personal information on thousands of users. Jun 12, 2016 "The . During the official address of the 30th edition of the . Numerous tweets linked to the breach, revealing that the . Irancell's database was hacked on the night of April 17-18 and a bunch of users' personal information was leaked. Jun 11, 2016 Twitter Jun 11, 2016 Hack of a large database of Irancell phone numbers, numbers used by patients in . Jun 14, 2016 Details leaked online on which reportedly include people's names, phone numbers, home addresses, marital status and more . Jun 15, 2016 In response to the recent data breach of the . The hack revealed a set of sensitive information, including phone numbers, home addresses, credit card numbers, email addresses and more . Jun 16, 2016 Malware developers used irancell database hacker links from the stolen phone number list to sell similar programs for download. Jun 24, 2016 "Irancell's database had been stolen from the . Jun 22, 2016 "A leak of a data file that allegedly contains a list of Irancell users’ personal information and phone numbers was posted online on Twitter by an account that offered the file for download. Jun 24, 2016 Sep 23, 2016 "the . Mt. In , Irancell’s database was reportedly hacked, details of which were leaked online. A screenshot taken from a Twitter user shows a database of phone numbers. Although many were confused as to how the data could be leaked, many pointed to a jailbreak (short for jailbreaking), which essentially means that the phone was unlocked or was able to access the databases

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Irancell Database 'LINK'

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